From time to time you may encounter issues with your software. When this happens, you can submit a request for someone on the Vokke team to help. These tickets are shared throughout the team so the right person can quickly assist.

You can submit a request by clicking on the 'New Support Ticket' link on the Vokke Support Desk. This will take you to the page here. You don't need to create an account to do this, although doing so allows you to keep track of prior requests.

When you submit a request, you will need to nominate a priority. This helps us to prioritise the request internally and manage it in a way that considers the impact on your business as well as the team's efficiency. In general, high priority issues will be dealt with ASAP while low priority ones will be grouped into future releases. It's important that you prioritise requests as accurately as possible so that we can optimise our support. By optimising for our team as well as yours, we can ensure that costs are kept as low as possible and new features are released in a timely manner.

Here's what each priority means and how we handle them:

  • Urgent
    • The issue is having a large impact on your business and there are no reasonable workarounds available
    • Resolved as soon as possible (e.g. within a day)
  • High
    • The issue is having a reasonably large impact on your business but a workaround can be implemented for at least a couple of days
    • Resolved within a couple of days
  • Medium
    • The issue is having a noticeable business impact but a workaround can be utilised for an extended period of time
    • Resolved in a future development sprint (usually the next one)
  • Low
    • The issue is frustrating but has no real business impact
    • May be resolved in a future development sprint

Got a question? Get in touch and a member of the team will happily walk you through the policy in more detail.